Hello iOS

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If a year would consist of only the months from January to November, 2016 wouldn’t have had ranked that high on my personal list of awesome years. But the month of December just came along with a very special surprise, which led to a (hopefully) well-deserved happy end: After a little more than 10 years working as web developer and DevOps engineer, I’ll be joining the Chefkoch mobile team as full time iOS developer as of March 2017.

I’m absolutely thrilled. As you might imagine, this is a pretty big deal for me. But let me get a bit deeper on that…

In spring of 2008, Apple released their very first iPhone SDK. I fiddled around with a bit of Mac programming the years before, but only with the release of “iPhone OS SDK”, I became inflamed with passion. I knew that, someday, I wanted to earn my own leaving with iOS app development. I was so stoked that I had the very first “iPhone Programming Guide” printed and bound, just because there weren’t any books available for purchase during the first months.

About one year later, I was working on my first professional iOS project: A client of my former company wanted an iPhone wallpaper app with custom Symfony backend, and I jumped straight into development. From today’s perspective, it would have been one hell of a job for a newbie (no ARC, no GCD, no UICollectionView, hardware memory constraints, etc.), but for an enthusiast like me, it was just heaven. Sadly, the app never saw the light of day, because development had to be suspended for a couple of reasons right before the beta phase. So today, the last recollection of my very first iOS project is just a private repository on Github.

From that time on, iOS development has been nothing more than an elaborate hobby for me. In fact, there has never been a shortage of interesting project ideas or exciting new features to try, but I was quickly becoming sensible of the fact that this whole context switch between being a web developer by day and an iOS developer by night wasn’t something I would be able to keep up for a longer period of time.

The gentle reader might ask himself how someone like me ended up on the team of one of Germany’s top 5 iOS apps inside the “Food & Drink” category. To be honest, it’s still kind of unbelievable for me, too ;) Is this new gig outside my comfort zone? Definitely. Will I be able to write real production ready Objective-C/Swift code on day one? I kinda doubt it. But there are some things I have to offer, and that are my passion for Apple’s platform and the years of years of experience in web, HTTP/REST, and CI/CD.

I’m really sad about leaving my current team in a couple of weeks, but, first and foremost, I’m excited for all the new challenges ahead of me, and, of course, working together with my new iOS team mates Marc and Thomas, our Android crew, and the rest of our mobile team.

Thanks everyone for all the confidence you’re putting in me. Let me close with a quote of ATP podcaster Casey Liss, who chose a similar path for his professional life in February 2016:

It’s time to throw caution to the wind. It’s time to be brave. It’s time to step away from the safety net.

Let’s do this.

We will .